airbnb Balks at Sharing Host Contact Information with City of Portland

Airbnb should share Portland hosts’ info with city to ensure safety, permit enforcement: Editorial

From The Oregonian, December 29, 2014

Airbnb, the San Francisco-based tech company that connects homeowners offering extra bedrooms with short-term renters, is making a credible case for the title. The company is resisting a proposed requirement that it hand over address and contact information for Portland hosts who offer rooms through the Airbnb website but who fail to get a city-mandated permit and inspection.

This is a new role for Airbnb, which has been portrayed as the model for the so-called sharing economy’s development in Portland. While Uber came across as a rule-breaking rebel, rolling out its ride-sharing service in violation of city ordinances, Airbnb worked out regulations with the Portland City Council and agreed to collect room tax on hosts’ behalf. It also helped that the company announced last March that it would base a hub in Portland and hire some 160 people.

  • Editors Note: Portland already requires that the host’s airbnb listing display their permit number and the airbnb database alredy has a field for Permit #. If airbnb were to agree to only display listings with permit numbers and take down any listing identified by The City as having a fraudulent permit number, the problem would be solved — public safety would be maintained and airbnb would not have to share any host data or even police their hosts.