Is airbnb Becoming Just Another Vacation Rental Website?

Airbnb, the home-renting website, has been great for me, but I have misgivings
Airbnb seems to be turning from its original ethos to becoming just another vacation rental website

From The Guardian, October 11, 2014

The so-called sharing economy is a misnomer. Since it was coined in the mid-2000s, the sharing part has been thoroughly exploited, and, as in a recent case involving an Airbnb property and a squatter in California, free-riders ride again. Instead of pooling resources for the common good, we’re back to working for our own self-interest, sweating our assets and making bucks for us. Keeping it in the family.

When I was living in LA and Florence, the Airbnb properties I stayed in were shells with no personality and cheap filler furniture. This shift is particularly obvious in destination towns such as London. According to research conducted by the Guardian in June 2014, more than 1,500 hosts in London have more than one property, and 180 have more than five. The result? Just Another Property Site. Bye, bye community.