airbnb and the Business Traveler

Marriott’s CEO Just Made a Pretty Good Sales Pitch for … Airbnb?

From Money, July 9, 2014

  • Why would the CEO of Marriott give airbnb a pass? I think it is because mid-tier hotels like Marriott make their money catering to working business travelers. airbnb (despite their ambitions) is not likely to prevail in meeting the needs of working business travelers.

Working Business travelers are looking for:

      • Consistency and predictability
      • A 24-hour Front Desk
      • Room Service
      • Secure Parking
      • Cabs at the curb

airbnb will never meet these requirements.  The one exception may be Business Travelers attending conventions and conferences. They often view themselves as semi on vacation.

airbnb will prevail with personal travelers, especially budget conscious travelers and so will compete with Budget Hotels.