airbnb Caught Between Anglry Super-hosts and New York’s Attorney General

Airbnb squares off against hosts in personal information battle

From The Real Deal, October 2, 2014

Lawyers for Airbnb this week asked a Manhattan Supreme Court judge to partially dismiss claims filed by a group of hosts seeking to block the handover of personal data by the short-term rental site.

The group, called New Yorkers Making Ends Meet in the Sharing Economy, filed suit early last month seeking to stop Airbnb from turning the confidential information over to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office. The Attorney General originally issued subpoenas to Airbnb in 2013, ordering the company to turn over the data.

In its filing, Airbnb noted that it fought hard to narrow the scope of the AG’s original subpoena, which sought personal and financial information on more than 15,000 hosts based in New York. The firm also noted that hosts using the service signed an agreement that Airbnb would comply with the release of data requested through a court order or other legal proceeding.