airbnb Disputes Impact on San Francisco Housing

Airbnb Uses Data in San Francisco to Fight Back Against Critics

From Time, June 8, 2015

The company is releasing its own assessment of how Airbnb affects the city, which paints a rosier view than previous reports

The San Francisco Planning Department estimated this breaking point is 257 nights; a report from the city’s independent budget and legislative analyst’s office estimated 59 nights. Airbnb arrived in between the two, at 211. The company’s data researchers calculated the figure by comparing the average nightly earnings of Airbnb hosts in San Francisco to market-rate rental prices.

What remains murky is exactly what’s happening with the remaining 20% — and how many of those 1,000 or more listings are second homes or apartments that could be easing the housing strain.

  • Editor’s Note: airbnb’s impact on available housing varies greatly between neighborhoods. Some are affected a lot others not at all. While airbnb presents overall statistics by neighborhood, they fail to do so for their “entire place” rentals using instead a citywide impact. Also, the rule of thumb in the Vacation Rental industry is that renting a property 90 nights a year as a short-term rentals will earn as much as a 12 month long-term rental.  It may be that the astronomical housing and rental prices in San Francisco affect the number of room-nights to break even.