airbnb Seeks Busiess Travelers Who Want (Often Illegal) Urban Vacation Rentals

Airbnb is courting entrepreneurs and shunning corporate road warriors

From Quartz, October 15, 2014

Privately owned apartments and houses are increasingly being seen as a cheaper, more spacious options for employees on the road. This summer, corporate travel and expense administrator Concur Technologies expanded its booking options to include listings from Airbnb, the most prominent of the private rental hubs, while Airbnb opened a new business travel booking portal of its own (it excludes wacky or potentially awkward accommodations like treehouses and shared apartments). Airbnb estimates that 10% of its bookings are for business travel, an area where the company plans to expand, according to Chip Conley, Airbnb’s head of global hospitality.

Airbnb began the push for business travelers through partnerships with tech companies like Evernote, Lyft and Salesforce, all of which have incorporated Airbnb lodging options into their corporate travel booking systems.

  • Editor’s Comment: airbnb host-absent “Entire Place” rentals represent the worst of airbnb. These are really unhosted Vacation Rentals and are illegal in many cities. Does Salesforce and Evernote really want to support illegal rentals? While it is bad enough to turn long-term rentals into housing for tourists, it is even worse to turn it into commercial office space. As a former hotelier, I am surprised that airbnb’s Chip Conley ignores these realities.