Questions to Ask Any airbnb Host

At public hearings airbnb often arranges for a large number of airbnb hosts to testify. Generally they will be “private room” hosts who live in the property during the guest’s stay. They will tell heart warming stories about their wonderful guests and how airbnb helped them stay in their homes. These stories are generally accurate and if this were the complete picture of airbnb there would be little problem. However, there are also numerous “entire place” hosts who never or only nominally live in the properties they rent. These hosts are not likely to testify.

In order understand which type of airbnb host your are hearing from, you need to ask them:

  1. How many listings do you have?
  2. How many rooms do you rent at one time?
  3. Do you live in the property during your guest’s stay?
  4. What do you charge per night?
  5. How many nights per month do you have guests?
  6. Have you notified you neighbors, and
  7. How do you handle insurance for liability and property damage?
    (Commercial insurance is expensive and standard residential insurance does not cover damage or liability)

There are no “wrong” answers, but the answers are often telling.