airbnb Squatter (the Guest Who Wouldn’t Leave and Then Threatened to Sue)

Squatters don’t sit well with Airbnb hosts

From SFGate, July 18, 2014

Airbnb Host: A Guest Is Squatting In My Condo And I Can’t Get Him To Leave

From the Business Insider, July 21, 2014

  • Includes copies of airbnb host’s e-mail to and from airbnb.

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  1. This SF Chronicle story is a very telling article and the comments are eye opening. It;s important to note, however, that the property owner lives in San Francisco but the property is in Palm Springs. Ignore all the comments about greedy real estate tycoons; this lady (whom I do not know or represent) purchased a condo to get a foot up on the home ownership ladder and chose one near where her father lives – not to get rich in residential real estate.

    Here is an earlier story that takes place entirely in San Francisco that shows the same story line from the other side:

    • I posted the article you referenced, thanks. Sometimes Landlords try to evict tenants so they can make more money renting to short-term guests. Other times airbnb guests stay long enough to qualify as long-term tenants under the city’s housing laws. These are thorny issues.

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