Ashville, NC Comes Down Hard on airbnb “Entire Place” Rentals, But Supports airbnb “Private Room” Rentals

Asheville short-term rentals, Airbnbs now face $500 fines

From the Citizen-Times, August 26, 2015

In a move to stave off what some City Council members said could be a dangerous tipping point, elected officials voted to push back against illegal short-term vacation rentals, jacking up fines to $500 a day.

“This we cannot get wrong,” she said. “If we get it wrong it could be like when you rent a house at the beach. Every single house is rental. Nobody knows each other, everybody is making a mint. But what is it? It’s just a resort community. It’s not a community. It’s not a place you raise children.”

The stiffer fines will be accompanied by a full-time city employee to enforce the rules. Currently enforcement is only done after a complaint. Some owners of short-term rentals said they hadn’t been aware of the prohibition.

On the homestay issue, council considered making it easier for residents to rent out part of their homes while they also stay there. Proposed changes include allowing more homestays closer together and letting guests park on the street instead of the current requirement for off-street parking.