Develop Your airbnb Policy in 2 or 3 Phases

Consider developing your city’s short-term rental policy in two or three phases.

Phase 1: Focus on airbnb host-resident “private room” rentals in single-family homes

This is generally the area that airbnb and airbnb hosts care about the most. (You may want to create an exception for airbnb “hybrid hosts” who want to rent out their property when they go on vacation.)

Phase 2: Focus on airbnb host-residentprivate room” rentals in apartments and condos

If your city permits airbnb rentals in multi-family buildings limit the focus to “private room” rentals. airbnb host-absent “entire place” rentals should be treated as Vacation Rentals in Phase 3.

Phase 3: Focus on ongoing airbnb host-absent “entre place” rentals and unsupervised Vacation Rentals

Unsupervised short-term rentals are traditionally treated as “Vacation Rentals” and there are many examples of Vacation Rental Ordinances in cities across the country.

If you hold separate public hearings for each phase the public testimony will be more relevant and easier to understand.