City of Portland Troughs Down the Gauntlet – What Comes Next ?

City, short-term rental hosts face off

From the Portland Tribune, January 27, 2015

A showdown is looming between the city of Portland and companies like Airbnb that promote short-term rentals in local residents’ homes.

The Portland City Council, in a 3-to-1 vote, approved a get-tough policy last Wednesday against hundreds of short-term rental hosts who have failed to obtain city permits. The new city ordinance requires Airbnb and its competitors to divulge the names and addresses of its local hosts so the city can assure the properties have been inspected and permitted, and are paying lodging taxes. The companies also will be required to collect lodging taxes on behalf of the city, and refrain from advertising for local hosts who don’t get permits.

Those are fighting words to companies in the so-called “sharing economy,” who take umbrage at sharing the names and addresses of their local hosts