A Compendium of airbnb Host-absent “Entire Place” Rental Horror Stories

Most Airbnb Rentals Go Perfectly. Then There Are These Horror Stories
  • Notice that most horror stories involve airbnb host-absent “Entire Place” rentals.

In the six years since Airbnb was founded, the rental-sharing website has seen its share of bad apples. And by bad apples, we mean terrifying, life-altering nightmares.

Around 17 million guests have now used Airbnb, and the site says that most enjoyed travel experiences as wonderful as they were affordable. Some experiences even led to friendships, and who doesn’t like friendship?

Still, renting your home to strangers can be a dangerous game. And there are skeletons in Airbnb’s closet, like identity theft, “freak fests” and holes actually punched into a closet.