Could airbnb Be Subject to RICO Action?

It’s time to crack down on Airbnb

From CNBC, June 9, 2015

Very simply, Airbnb is a catalyst for failure to comply with one law, rule or regulation after another (whether local, state or federal). While it requires hosts to represent and warrant that their listings don’t breach condo, lease or rental agreements or homeowners’ association pacts and that they comply with zoning and other applicable laws, Airbnb doesn’t actively look for illegal listings. 

This, to me, appears similar to the accountability RICO statutes were designed to address involving leaders of crime syndicates before 1970, when the law was passed. In effect, the RICO act provides a means for leaders of a syndicate to be held accountable for the wrongful acts they influenced others to do. 

I always assumed a new business had to follow the rules. If not, then I’ve got a great idea. Let’s start a “Liquor for Anyone” app. With it, a person of any age with this app could buy liquor at a deep discount and it would be delivered anytime, anyplace. We could offer cheap prices because we won’t pay taxes. We would have a massive consumer base because we’ll market to those under 21 years of age. Is there any doubt this could be worth billions? But it will never happen. Why not? Because liquor laws and regulations are actually enforced.