One Policy Will Not Fit All … Even for Host-resident “Private Room” Rentals

New York City and Portland, Oregon both made it fairly easy for airbnb hosts to rent out 1 or 2 guest rooms in their property when they are present. However, Portland recognized that traditional B&B’s which typically had 3 to 5 guest rooms required a more rigorous licensing process. New York City did not recognize this and many of their traditional bed & breakfasts have been forced to close down.

It seems reasonable to offer one method of licensing hosts who want to rent 1 or 2 (or perhaps 3) bedrooms, and another methods for hosts who want to rent out more guestrooms. Portland drew the line at 2 bedrooms which met the needs of many airbnb “private room” hosts.

Note that these policies apply to host-resident airbnb rentals. airbnb host-absent “entire place” rentals when operating on an ongoing bases are really “vacation rentals” and require a separate ordinance. This is common in resort towns along the Oregon Coast which have one ordinance for host-resident B&Bs and another for host-absent Vacation Rentals.

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