airbnb Host-resident “Private Room” Rentals: The GOOD airbnb on Staten Island

Airbnb hosts bring travelers from near and far to Staten Island (with photos)

From, July 20, 2014

  • airbnb “Private Room” rentals where the host is resident to supervise the property and the guests are already legal in New York City and represent the best of airbnb. airbnb “Private Room” rentals are the source of most airbnb Love Stories. In contrast, airbnb host-absent “Entire Place” rentals are the source of most airbnb Horror Stories.

Zvegintzov has had nearly 250 guests share his quarters in St. George thanks to Airbnb, where he lists his space as “New York Room with a View.” They have come from Brazil, Ukraine, Germany, Mali, Australia, Russia, France and Thailand, just to name a few. His domestic guests are from distant cities like Seattle and Omaha. Sometimes couples, sometimes families, often-times loners, they stay with him for days or weeks at a time. ,,,”