Impact of airbnb on Housing Shortage in Portland, Oregon

Of the over 3,000 airbnb listings in Portland, over 2,000 are for host-absent “entire place” rentals that convert long-term rentals for Portlanders to short-term urban Vacation Rentals for tourists

From Steve Unger, October 26, 2016

Two years ago the City of Portland worked with airbnb and developed a reasonable short-term rental ordinance.  It included elements which airbnb felt were necessary. However, airbnb has so far refused to help The City enforce the reasonable ordinance that they requested. 

Today Portland is suffering a severe housing shortage. airbnb host-absent “entire place” rentals (often urban Vacation Rentals) contribute to this shortage.  airbnb responds by quoting “citywide averages” rather than focusing on the neighborhoods and zip codes that are most heavily affects.

Click on the link below to download a slide deck presented to Portland’s City Council on the impact of airbnb on Portland’s Housing Shortage.