After Implementing Reasonable airbnb Licensing, Portland Wants the New Ordinance Enforced

Portland to crack down on Airbnb hosts who fail to get permits

From the Portland Tribune, January 21, 2015

Portland is cracking down on several hundred people who are offering their homes for short-term rentals but failing to get city permits or pay lodging taxes. The city’s new stance could threaten Portland’s special relationship cultivated with San Francisco-based Airbnb, by far the largest company arranging short-term rentals here.

The Portland City Council voted 3 to 1 on Wednesday to give new enforcement tools to the Portland Revenue Bureau, which collects lodging taxes. The bureau gained new power to demand that Airbnb and other brokers of short-term rentals provide the names and addresses of all their Portland hosts, so the city can assure the hosts are getting the proper permits and paying lodging taxes for their in-home businesses.

Only about 7 percent of Airbnb’s several hundred Portland hosts have sought permits to use their properties for the bed-and-breakfast style operations since Portland legalized such activities last year.