Los Angeles City Council Debates the Good and the Bad of airbnb Rentals

Spurred on by conflict over Airbnb, L.A. struggles to define ‘bad’ short-term rentals

From the Los Angeles Times, September 3, 2015

As Los Angeles lawmakers try to regulate the booming business of short-term rentals, they are trying to draw a line between what they see as “good” and “bad” rentals.

At City Hall, few see anything wrong with renting out an extra bedroom from time to time for added income, part of what Councilman Mike Bonin has dubbed “good short-term rentals.”

But the phenomenon of whole homes or apartment buildings becoming tantamount to hotels has stirred up alarm in tourist hot spots such as Venice and Hollywood. Housing, labor and community activists argue that such rentals disrupt quiet neighborhoods and take units off the market, a problem they say has surged with the explosive popularity of online platforms such as Airbnb.