A New Onlilne Tool Gives Complete Information About airbnb Listings in Your City

AirDA – airbnb Data and Analytics

From Scott Shatford, Creator of airbnb DnA

This free online tool creates transparency about the number and  types of airbnb listings in every city in America.

  • Airbnb Occupancy – What’s the average occupancy rates for your city?
  • Airbnb Pricing – What’s the going rate for a Home, Private Room, or Shared Space?
  • Airbnb Listings – How many Airbnb listings are in your city?
  • Airbnb Amenities – Which amenities are a must have in your neighborhood?
  • Airbnb Host Experience – How much experience do hosts in my area have on Airbnb?
  • Airbnb Reviews – What are the typical property ratings in my city and state?

Click here to access online tool

Click to see data for Portland, Oregon