New Study Reveals Impact of airbnb on Portland, Oegon

Air Invasion: Newly available data on Airbnb shows the company’s impact on Portland

From Willamette Week, March 11, 2015

Airbnb is under pressure from the city of Portland to make sure its hosts are following city rules, which include getting a license to operate and submitting to fire and safety inspections. About 94 percent are not. As WW has also reported, many Airbnb rentals appear to violate city rules requiring hosts to live in the units that they rent out.

 WW asked Cox to adapt his project for Portland. Cox scraped Portland’s 1,959 listings as of March 1 and has published the results at site produces maps to show where rentals are in each neighborhood, what type they are (complete homes, single rooms, etc.), general availability and average rates. Users can click on the dots to learn about individual hosts and their properties. Portland Detail Information.