NYC Judge Order airbnb Host to Stop Profiteering in Rent-controlled Apartment

NYC judge said to order Airbnb host to stop ‘profiteering’ off rental

From CNET, December 24, 2014

After a woman reportedly earns $6,500 per month off Airbnb for her rent-controlled Manhattan apartment, a judge issues her a temporary injunction to halt immediately.

Penraat has reportedly been renting her government-subsidized, rent-controlled, four-bedroom apartment located on the city’s swanky Upper West Side for nearly three years. She allegedly made $61,000 off the rental in just nine months, Edmead said, according to the Post.

Penraat’s “own records indicate that she has been profiteering from a rent-controlled apartment partially subsidized by another government program,” Edmead wrote in her ruling, according to The Post.