Portland City Council Getting Ready for Final Vote on Legalizing Some airbnb Rentals

Portland can cash in on Airbnb’s ‘sharing economy,’ but city should prevent explosion of mini-hotels: Editorial (and Interview with Mayor Hales)

From the Oregonian, July 19, 2014

Memo from the Department of Planning & Sustainability

From the City of Portland, July 17, 2014

Following several hours of testimony, Council moved the accessory short-term rental package forward with the following changes:

  • Inspection by Bureau of Development Services will be required with the initial application and every 6 years thereafter, or with a change in ownership.
  • The amendment allows for self-certification for the intervening semi-annual renewals.
  • (In addition to interconnected Smoke Detectors) Require carbon monoxide detectors, where carbon monoxide sources are present.
  • Require that the resident reside in the dwelling unit at least 9 months of the year.
  • Allow the resident to appoint a designee to operate the accessory short-term rental.
  • Require the permit number to be in all advertisements and in the dwelling unit.
  • Require Bureau of Planning and Sustainability to return with a monitoring report in September 2016