Require airbnb Hosts to Have Basic Safety Equipment

Require that all airbnb hosts have these relatively inexpensive safety essentials:

  1. Smoke detector(s)
  2. Fire Extinguisher(s)
  3. CO2 Detector(s)
  4. First Aid Kit

Even airbnb agrees that these all make sense.

3 responses

  1. And each host should provide a binder inside each rental with emergency medical information:
    a) the local emergency dispatch number that is to be used by cell phones (not 911)
    b) nearby hospitals sorted and identified by primary care teams (primary stroke center, cardiac, and trauma)
    c) graphic map with driving directions to the nearest
    i) urgent care center
    ii) hospital emergency department

    And in San Francisco, each host should provide a earthquake response binder that give correct information about how to behave during an earthquake and provide an emergency egress map for the building AND includes an emergency kit that contains water and food for 3 days, flashlights or headlamps, and hardhats (for safe egress while ceilings and other building materials may be dropping).

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