Why Requiring Permit Numbers to Appear in Online Advertising Is So Important

Having Permit #’s appear in online advertising helps with enforcement and compliance.

Much to their credit airbnb has added a field to their listings for “Permit Number”. The host enters this under the option for “Terms”. When entered, the Permit Number appears to the guest as the last option under “Pricing”.

Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas require that the License Number of the property appear in all print and online advertising. This simple requirement costs nothing to implement, can do no harm and can do much good.

    • Guests and neighbors know that the property listed is licensed
    • airbnb hosts are encouraged to be licensed to be competitive with other listings that do post their Permit #.
    • The City can use the “Contact Host” function in airbnb to send an e-mail to local hosts who do not display a Permit # in their listing, encouraging them to register.
    • The City has a simple way to identify and close down “bad actors” without sending an inspector out to investigate (since advertising without showing the License # is in itself non-compliance).
    • airbnb and airbnb hosts do not object to this requirement.

Note: Portland, Oregon also requires that this License # be posted in the property


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