San Francisco Activists Apply to Put airbnb Regulation on the Ballot

It’s about to go down between San Francisco and Airbnb for real

From TNW News, July 7, 2015

On Monday, San Francisco activists and opponents of short-term rentals plunked down 15,983 signatures to put a new regulation measure on the November Municipal Elections ballot. If the city can confirm that at least 9,700 of those belong to honest-to-god San Francisco voters, then the big battle between Airbnb and the City of San Francisco will definitely go down.

The petition would limit hosts’ ability to offer their rentals to 75 days per year, regardless of whether the host is actually present on the property. That would do significant damage to an October vote by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to legalize Airbnb rentals within San Francisco, which took effect in February of this year. The current regulations allow Airbnb hosts to offer their rentals for 90 days out of the year when not present, or 265 days per year when present.