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Elderly Woman Takes On airbnb and Landlords for Illegal bookings

From the New York Post, October 20, 2014

A 77-year-old New York tenant is hitting the airwaves to take on Airbnb and other websites accused of illegally booking apartments for short-term stays.

“Airbnb, knock it off!” Audrey Smaltz says in the TV ad paid for by the ShareBetter Coalition, a group backed by the hotel industry.

Smaltz has lived in the same 700-square-foot, rent-stabilized Midtown apartment for 38 years. But she says the apartment complex has become like a hotel filled with transients and strangers.

“This building has 37 apartments, of which eight are inhabited by regular tenants who are rent-stabilized,” Smaltz says in the ad, referring to the building at 15-19 55th Street, near Central Park. “The entire fourth floor [has become] rentals, short-term rentals. The third floor, being done over, short-term rentals. And apartments on the eighth floor [as well],” she says.