The Basics: Stakeholders and Desired State

When regulating airbnb and similar listing service, the major stakeholders seem to be:

  1. Airbnb and Airbnb hosts and those who want to be hosts (who generally want no or little regulation)
  2. Concerned Neighbors and neighborhood associations(who generally want a prohibition or a lot of regulation)
  3. The City who wants to collect Hotel Tax and have a policy that is enforceable.
  4. Vacation Rental owners, management companies and trade associations (who want to be operate legally)
  5. Traditional licensed B&B’s (who are looking for a level playing field)
  6. Budget Hotels (who stand to loose 5% to 10% of their business for value conscious personal travelers)

Surprisingly, except in major tourist centers like New York and San Francisco, mid-tier hotels who cater to working business travelers and high-end hotels who cater to the very rich are often not too concerned. If they are, they usually focus on a having “level playing field” and the need for insurance.

Developing an appropriate short-term rental policy does not need to be a win-lose situation for any of the stake holders. The general goal is to meet the needs of the various stakeholders without offending the needs of the other stakeholders.

The desired state:

  • Allows airbnb hosts to be licensed and operate at a reasonable cost
  • Protects guest and neighbors
  • Allows The City to collect Hotel Tax
  • Is enforceable
  • Maintains the stock of month-to-month rental housing