Female Streamer Impresses CS: GO Community With Exceptional One Handed Play

Female Streamer Impresses CS: GO Community With Exceptional One Handed Play

The CS: GO community has always appreciated exceptional talent within their community. So, when 22-year-old Kiki ‘xirilikika’ Martins showed off her impressive one-handed gameplay, the community was full of praise for her. A video she shared on Reddit has gained over a thousand upvotes in a matter of hours.

How does she do it?

Martins controls all her in-game movements using only her right hand. She uses her forearm to control the camera when she is moving within the game. On meeting an opponent, Kiki swiftly switches to the mouse.

This Portuguese streamer caught the public eye a few days ago when she showed off her impressive coordination and maneuvering skills. While most players struggle to control their shooting spray even when they play with two hands, Kiki Martins, who goes by the name of “xirilikika” online, has made jaws drop with her skills.

In her viral video, we see her get a double kill that was so splendid that even her opponents could not help but appreciate her by sharing the clip of the video online.

You can watch her impressive gameplay here.

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Martins says CS: GO helps her cope with hardships

Kiki Martins has not only won the gaming community’s heart with her impressive in-game skills, but also with her inspiring life story.

Martins suffered a stroke as a six-year-old. The stroke resulted in 60% of the left side of her body becoming paralyzed. Naturally, she was forced to learn how to play using only one hand.

After her story became popular, many members of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community have come up to appreciate her and share her story. People across the gaming community have called her “inspirational” and expressed a desire to play the game with her.

You can watch more of her videos here.

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