How to Name Chrome Windows for Alt+Tab and the Taskbar

If you keep a lot of Google Chrome windows open to organize your tabs, you can go one step further and name each window. Chrome’s built-in naming feature makes it easy to remember which window is for what in the taskbar or overview screen.

The windows naming feature was introduced in Chrome 90 and is available for Chrome on Windows 10, Mac, and Linux. It’s easy to use and can save you from opening the wrong window.

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First, click the three-dot menu icon in the top-right of the Chrome window.

Next, select “More Tools” from the menu.

Now, click “Name Window” from the expanded options.

A pop-up with a text box will appear. Enter the name for the window and click “OK.”

Alternatively, you can right-click the title bar of the Chrome window and select “Name Window” from the drop-down menu and go through the process of assigning it a name.

You will now see this name in the taskbar and Alt+Tab screen on Windows 10.

On Mac, you’ll see the titles in the expanded app menu after right-clicking the app from the dock.

That’s all there is to it! This is probably a pretty niche feature, but for those of us who like to organize Chrome tabs by separating them out into windows, it’s a handy little trick that could save you from clicking the wrong place.

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